I blame the parents

By (sensibly-named) Boxo.

Just watched Wimbledon, in particular a player called Mardy Fish. I mean, what kind of a name is that? Maybe the father was ‘a boy named Sue’ fan & wanted to make his son tough.

As stupid names go, can anyone beat this? Usual point to the winner.

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Xmas carnage

By Boxo, our festive correspondent.

Christmas lunch approaches, traditional time of festive feuds and family fights. But imagine a lunch where you are seated with five of the people you simply cannot stand, & they don’t get along either.

To balance the sexes, there should be 3 women & 3 blokes, including yourself. Anyone from history, fictional, dead, living or otherwise can be included. Politicos, sportos, hags & harridans, all need your consideration.

Pick the guests from hell

Point goes to the 5 most dreadful clashing personalities  guaranteed to make your turkey go with a BANG and your cranberry with a WHIMPER. Ho ho ho? No no no!

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Vuvuzelas sir, fahsands of ’em

By Boxo, our sporting accessory correspondent

It’s a quiz isn’t it? Bit of a change like.

So then,


– what do you think? Make a note of your answers and there’s a scoring key at the end.

  1. Cultural icon or tacky plastic irritant?
  2. Suitable for export or binning?
  3. Good fun or spoggy?
  4. Lends authority or makes you look stupid?
  5. Good to see or run! Run!
  6. Musically flexible or dead drone?
  7. FIFA should make them compulsory at all matches or ban them?
  8. North Korea sells vuvuzela technology to Iran – yes or no?
  9. Useful for late-night vomits or totally without merit?
  10. Kinda like ’em or kinda hate ’em?

Score +2 points for every A answer (first bit) and -3 for every B answer (second bit). Point goes to highest score.

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By our by no means cliched correspondent Boxo

Watch UK TV and you get are the same tired phrases repeated time & time again. Any show, any channel. Here’s the one that gets my goat – “It’s a wake-up call for (insert name)”

So here’s a wake-up call to all visitors. The point goes to the most goat-getting cliches.

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Desert Island Donkeys

By our Top 5 correspondent, Boxo

Somewhere, in a weird parallel universe, there’s a radio show where folks have to pick 5 records they hate so much they’d rather die than be marooned with just these 5. Here’s mine.

  1. Clive Jones, GrandDad
  2. The Sweet, Blockbuster (they just haven’t got a clue what to do)
  3. Osmonds, Crazy Horses (Combines saccharine tripe with meaningless stupid lyrics)
  4. Black Lace, Agadoo (Nuff said)
  5. Cliff Richard, Wired For Sound (he’s got small speakers)

Over to you.

No last line this time but the point goes to the best hit list.

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