So the Rapture didn’t happen yesterday. Pity.

Just imagine a world where the religious fundamentalists suddenly disappear into the clouds, leaving rational, sensible people behind. Rapture indeed.

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  1. So, the world is divided thus: religious fools & sensible folks.
    OK, explain Germaine Greer.

    • Darn. Forgot there there were non-religious loons too. Still, its a start.

  2. Walked around Kowloon after 6pm – Death (dead dog) Famine (hungry Hing) Pestilence (scabby Liu) and War (the Ping Brothers) were much in evidence. But no airborne Christians.

  3. Seems to have caused little change back in ol’ Blighty


  4. Small earthquake noticed at Big Wally’s Bean-Eating Compo.

  5. Just got overtaken by a tractor with a sign showing ‘The End of the World Is Nigh’. Turns out it was Farmer Geddon.

    • Ach, first we’re doomed then nae doomed at a’. Now we’re doomed again. Its enough tae get the feckles up offa drookit kempie.

  6. & speaking of Sweaties

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